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Voice Broadcasting

The Voice Broadcasting Solution is the perfect tool for calling other businesses to advertise how you and your business can offer solutions to match their needs.

The Voice Broadcasting Solution can ONLY be used for the following reasons:

- Business to Business sales

- Not for Profit Companies to business or residential numbers

- Collection Agencies to business or residential numbers

- Political Campaigns to business or residential numbers

It can be used by non-profit companies to call residential numbers to notify students of school closures, or for Politicians to remind residence of an upcoming vote, it can also be used to notify church members of any events that may be in the near future. Collection agencies are also allowed to us the Auto Dialer to contact persons on residential numbers.

Please note: At this time, the FTC does not allow the Voice Broadcasting Solution to be used to call residential numbers or mobile phones within the U.S. without written approval from the residential persons stating that they are aware of the fact that an Auto Dialer is going to be calling them.
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