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Add a Phone Book Entry

In order to have a phone number appear in a drop-down box when transferring calls, first click on the “admin” tab.

Select the agent you wish to add the transfer to phone number and locate the icon that says “edit phone book” when hovering your mouse over it. (icon is to the right of agents name)


Once in edit phone book, simply type in a description of the phone number (ie, what department etc).



Click on the “PSTN Line” radio button, then enter the phone number. Click “Add Entry” then “done”. That’s it!

Now when your agent wants to transfer a call or make a 3 way call to one of the numbers in the Phonebook, they will see a dropdown of all the numbers that are in the phonebook.



If they want to transfer a call or make a 3 way call to a number that is not in the phonebook, they select "Other Number" and they will then be prompted to enter the ten digit number that they want to call.

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