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How to Begin Placing Calls

To have your agents begin placing calls, three steps must be taken first. (in no particular order)

The administrator must create a new campaign.

A list of leads (phone numbers) must be uploaded to that campaign.

Configure X-lite, or other softphone (like Zoiper etc) for their agents.

'Note: softphone configuration is not required for agents using the "dial-in" method'

Make Sure these steps are completed first

Create a New Campaign

Upload Leads

How To Configure X-Lite

Upon signing up with your dialer, we send you an email with a list of logins for your administrator and your agents. Using this login information, the agent will go to the server website and type in their username and password.

Next, the agent is required to check the box that says "I accept the end user license agreement".

They can also check the box that says "remember me" to save them from typing in their login every time they visit the page.

To get started, they will now need to click "login" or simply hit "enter".

Once logged in, the agent will now be on the "Home" tab.

On the left hand side will be the list of campaigns the administrator has created, with the list of leads loaded in it. The agent must now click on the desired campaign they wish to start placing calls from.

When the agents clicks on a campaign, they will automatically be directed to the "Contact View" tab and their X-Lite (or other softphone) will start ringing.

The agent must now answer their X-Lite phone, then minimize it.

Once the agent answers their X-lite, please advise them to NOT hang up on it. Hanging up on the X-lite will hang up on the dialer!

The agent will now hear a female voice through their headset saying "Finding prospects, get ready to sell!"

As soon as they hear this voice, the dialer will start placing calls.

When a lead answers the phone, it will immediately be transferred to the agent.

Your agent will know when they are receiving a call very shortly when they hear a female voice say "dollar signs!"

Now, the agent will hear the person on the other line say hello.

Note: Once a call is transferred to the agent, the dialer will stop placing calls until a disposition is selected. This will be covered shortly.

Any data on the contact loaded into the dialer will show up on the left hand side.

The agent can edit and update this data simply by clicking on the desired field. If there is more info to add, the agent can add it in the "Notes" field at the bottom of the screen.

The "Message" field will display any action already taken on this call in order, by date (in the column to the left).

At this point, the agent will proceed with the call like any other call.

The agent can cold transfer calls, place 3 way calls, send emails etc from this screen.

To place a call on hold, the agent must do so from their X-Lite. (Placing calls on hold and entering phone number extensions is the only time when an agent will need to temporarily maximize X-lite)

Once the call is completed, the agent or contact simply needs to hang up. (Agent would click the red telephone icon that says "Hang up".

Next, the agent is required to select a disposition from the disposition bar.

A disposition is a status of what happened on the call. For example, if the agent was successful and made a sale, they would select "Completed Sale/Goal" under the "Made Contact" category. Agents can also select custom dispositions from here.

Finally, If the check-box that says "upon disposition, load next call" is checked, the dialer will automatically start placing calls once a disposition is selected. If this box is not checked, the agent is required to click on the green telephone icon that says "get contact" before calls will be placed again.

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