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Custom Dispositions

The administrator has the option to add up to 25 custom dispositions!

A disposition is the action taken on a given call by your sales reps and are important for keeping track of what has occurred in your calls.

Our dialer has several default dispositions, for example "Sale made" is a common disposition. However, there may be several other dispositions that are unique to your business, so you may want to add some of your very own!

To get started, first click on the "Admin" tab.

From here, click on the link on the lower right hand side that says "Configure Custom Dispositions"

Now you can add your custom disposition by typing in it's description in the "name" field. For example, if you want to add a "Spanish speaking" disposition, simply type it in the "name" field then click "Add field".

Once you have added your disposition, it will appear on the left hand side.

Now, you will also see to icons to the right of your custom disposition.

If you click on the first icon that reads "On Disposition Remove Duplicate Phone Number Entries" when hovering your mouse over it, the dialer will remove duplicates of this phone number upon disposition.

Now if you click on the second icon that reads "On Disposition Remove Existing Calls For Contact" when hovering your mouse over it, the dialer will remove and existing calls for that specific contact upon disposition.

Repeat this process to add all of your other dispositions. Once completed, simply click on "Done", and you're done!

Now that you have your Custom Dispositions, your agents can disposition the calls any way you want them to.

But you can also now recycle your contacts based off of that disposition.

And you can run reports based off of that disposition as well.

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