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Using Your PBX

One of the options that the Predictive Dialer has, is the ability to use your PBX account as a voice connection method.

Please note: This option is for Advanced Users

For this feature to work, there are a few requirements.

1) Your PBX MUST be an Asterisks PBX

2) Your Asterisks PBX MUST be set up to receive an inbound route that accepts calls from the dialer IP Address.
To do this, you need to add an inbound trunk to your PBX and set that trunk to accept the dialer IP Address.

3) Your Asterisks PBX MUST be set up to dial extensions directly.

4) From your Asterisks PBX, you need to find out which inbound SIP port to send it on.

Once these are in place, you can use your PBX connection to speak to your leads while using the Predictive Dialer Web Portal.

Please Note: In some cases the transfer and 3 way calling features may not work properly when you use the PBX connection method. Some Hosted PBX plans have a bandwidth amount or allowance that becomes exceeded when these features are being used, which seems to cause the calls to be dropped. You may want to check with your PBX provider before using this option if you plan to use the Predictive Dialer transfer or 3 way calling feature
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